The Shasta Rose Society is a nonprofit educationanditioned roses of the highest quality aia, which is an affiliate of the "American Rose Society". The object of the society is to promote interest in all aspects of rose horticulture through various educational programs, shows, publicity and participation in rose-related projects. It teaches how to exhibit properly conditioned roses of the highest quality and aids the American Rose Society in evaluating rose varieties performance.nd aids the American Rose Society in evaluating rose varieties performance.

The Society meets each month except for July, August and December. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Hilltop Estates, 451 Hilltop Drive, Redding,

What We Offer

The Shasta Rose Society offers many benefits to the members. Besides the monthly meetings and special events, society members can call on one of our Consulting Rosarians for help and advice. Our newsletter, "The Fifth Leaf" is published monthly and is e-mailed or (mailed on request) to all members, keeping them informed of what is happening within the society. The program for upcoming monthly meetings and all other planned activities are announced in the newsletter.

A special section in the newsletter is of particular help to everyone. This section is a month to month guide on rose care and is filled with good advice covering absolutely every aspect of rose growing. These articles keep us abreast of potential problems to be aware of in our gardens and what solutions will be most beneficial. They also teach us how to cope with Redding's intense summertime heat, and has helped many of us enjoy outstanding blooms. "The Fifth Leaf" is included as part of your Shasta Rose Society's membership and is well worth the cost of a year's membership alone!

The Shasta Rose Society has annual dues of $20 per garden. As an affiliate of the American Rose Society, it is optional but recommended for Shasta Rose Society members to join the American Rose Society. A.R.S. annual dues is $49 ($46 Sr.) .

A.R.S. members receive 11 issues of the American Rose magazine and a special December publication called the American Rose Annual. These publications are full of great articles, announcements and the latest information about rose horticulture and new roses entering the market. You'll also receive a handbook for selecting roses. This little gem, which rates all A.R.S. registered roses, will save you immeasurable time, money and heartbreak. Roses are given an overall rating based on hundreds of evaluations from throughout the United States. This book will help you select roses that have proven themselves to be outstanding performers.

For further information E-mail our membership Chairman: Linda Walton

[email protected]

Or our current President - Carole Schmitz at [email protected]

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